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Il Sandalo Caprese.
Established 1964 – Capri.


The Capri sandals are shoes with ancient origins, evolution of the first footwear worn by men to protect their feet from the bad weather and the terrain roughness.
The Sandals are stated and evolved in Roman times and are documented at least twenty different models. The emperor Tiberius, arrived in Capri with wearing a pair of sandals with hard soles and leather strips that are wrapped around the ankle.
After centuries with the evolution of style and technology those same sandals have become the symbol of a whole Italian craftsmanship.
The fifties were for Italy the Golden Age, a period of vitality and love which will be named the La Dolce Vita.
All divas wore Capri sandals: Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Anita Ekberg, SorayaJulia Roberts, Jacqueline Kennedy.
The Capri sandals are made with simple and durable materials, enriched with details that give elegance and preciousness, our company was founded in 1964 and over the years has bequeathed the craftsmanship of the sandal, keeping the tradition alive.

What differentiates us from others




Our materials.

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Genuine Italian leather

Genuine Italian leather

One of the areas for which Italy is known all over the world: our leather and our tanneries are famous worldwide for their quality.
Our craftsmen are appreciated worldwide for their taste and their wisdom in combining materials and processing techniques of the skin at the highest level.

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Swarovski Crystals and Preziosi

Swarovski Crystals and Preziosi

Our sandals are made with a mixed crystals produced by Swarovski and Preciosa.

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Cuoio di Toscana sole

Cuoio di Toscana sole

Cuoio di Toscana guarantees high standards of quality, comfort, naturalness and tradition that only the authentic Made in Italy certifies thanks to the artisanship and the slow vegetable tanning process in pits.

“I strongly believe in traditional artisanship.
I’m devoted to this job since i was 10 and i would like to hand down this tradition trough generations.”

Salvatore Pandolfi

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    Online assistance (+39) 338 3414883
    Anacapri Store (+39) 0818 373928
    Capri Store (+39) 0818 370582
    Taormina Store (+39) 0942 626360 / (+39) 0942 21134
    Siracusa Store (+39) 0931 22371
    Cefalù Store (+39) 0921 992309
    Santa Margherita Ligure Store (+39) 0185 177 3238


    Via Capodimonte, 15 – 80071 Anacapri (NA)
    Via Cristoforo Colombo, 12 – 80073 Capri (NA)
    Corso Umberto, 173 – 98039 Taormina (ME)
    Via Teatro Greco, 31 – 98039 Taormina (ME)
    Via Roma, 30 – 96100 Siracusa (SR)
    Via Vittorio Emanuele, 50 – 90015 Cefalù (PA)
    Via Palestro, 7 – 16038 Santa Margherita Ligure (GE)


    Every day from 9am to 7pm CEST GMT +2

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